50 Resilience quotes that'll help reveal your inner strength

Resilience is the ability to be tough on the inside and endure difficulties. To be resilient, one must face the reality of life head-on and prevail over all its challenges. Whatever goals you have will be within your grasp if you don't give up. May these resiliency quotes help you improve yourself and achieve everything you desire.

Resilience quotes that'll help reveal your inner strength
1. “My life was my life; I would have to stare it down, somehow, and make it work for me.” – Paula McLain

2. “Sometimes carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement.” – Albert Camus

3. “Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work though difficult problems.” – Gever Tulley

4. “There’s no such thing as ruining your life. Life’s a pretty resilient thing, it turns out.” – Sophie Kinsella

5. “In order to succeed, people need a sense of self-efficacy, to struggle together with resilience to meet the inevitable obstacles and inequities of life.” – Albert Bandura

6. “The human capacity for burden is like bamboo, far more flexible than you'd ever believe at first glance.” – Jodi Picoult

7. “Perhaps what matters when all is said and done is not who puts us down but who picks us up.” – Kate DiCamillo

8. “She had fouled off of the curves that life had thrown at her.” – W.P. Kinsella

9. “Resilience is knowing that you are the only one that has the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up.” – Mary Holloway
Resilience quotes that'll help reveal your inner strength
10. “The difference between a strong man and a weak one is that the former does not give up after a defeat.” – Woodrow Wilson

11. “She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” – Elizabeth Edwards

12. “A comeback is a setback that did its homework, learned the lesson, and then moved forward.” – Eleanor Brownn

13. “It’s okay to feel down or think pessimistically sometimes, but choosing to respond with optimism, resilience, and gratitude will benefit you far more in the long run.” – Abhishek Ratna

14. “Someone I once loved gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.” – Mary Oliver
Resilience quotes that'll help reveal your inner strength
15. “No matter how bleak or menacing a situation may appear, it does not entirely own us. It can't take away our freedom to respond, our power to take action.” – Ryder Carroll

16. “Beautiful gems can emerge from dirt. Struggle can teach you self-discipline and resilience.” – Dipa Sanatani

17. “It may sound strange, but many champions are made champions by setbacks.” – Bob Richards

18. “We all suffer, and we all triumph, and we all get to choose how we hold both.” – Demi Moore

19. “Resilience is very different than being numb. Resilience means you experience, you feel, you fail, you hurt. You fall. But, you keep going.” – Yasmin Mogahed
Resilience quotes that'll help reveal your inner strength
20. “The trauma you've experienced and survived is the most powerful part of your life experience. Honor and celebrate your resiliency.” – Leonie H. Mattison

21. “We are not a product of what has happened to us in our past. We have the power of choice.” – Stephen Covey

22. “It’s not what happens. It’s how you handle it.” – Jill Telford

23. “Like tiny seeds with potent power to push through tough ground and become mighty trees, we hold innate reserves of unimaginable strength. We are resilient.” – Catherine DeVrye

24. “The laws of nature remind us that no matter how long, seeds do grow. Push through long enough to see your seeds grow.” – Andrena Sawyer
Resilience quotes that'll help reveal your inner strength
25. “Successful people demonstrate their resilience through their dedication to making progress every day, even if that progress is marginal.” – Jonathan Mills

26. “Most people avoid and evade the powerful life experiences that helps transform, and mold, them to be able to use more of their fullest potential.” – Tony Dovale

27. “Resilience isn't a single skill. It's a variety of skills and coping mechanisms. To bounce back from bumps in the road as well as failures, you should focus on emphasizing the positive.” – Jean Chatzky

28. “On the other side of a storm is the strength that comes from having navigated through it. Raise your sail and begin.” – Gregory S. Williams

29. “Life throws challenges but with patience and resilience you can convert every challenge into a new opportunity to grow.” – Amit Ray

30. “There are two kinds of strength. Power and the ability to wield it is obvious, but a resilience, the ability to resist power, is the other.” – Raymond E. Feist

More Resilient Quotes

31. “As much as talent counts, effort counts twice.” – Angela Duckworth

32. “Remember an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards; so when you feel like life is dragging you down with difficulties, it simply means that it's going to launch you to something great. So just focus and keep aiming.” – Anonymous

33. “Heroes inevitably experience at least one very big failure that tests whether they have the resilience to come back and fight smarter and with more determination.” – Ray Dalio

34. “Spending time alone in your own company reinforces your self-worth and is often the number one way to replenish your resilience reserves.” – Sam Owen

35. “It's during our very worst fall that we can either die or learn to fly.” – Sira Masetti

36. “Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive.” – Jamais Cascio

37. “Of course fear does not automatically lead to courage. Injury does not necessarily lead to insight. Hardship will not automatically make us better. Pain can break us or make us wiser. Suffering can destroy us or make us stronger. Fear can cripple us, or it can make us more courageous. It is resilience that makes the difference.” – Eric Greitens

38. “Part of resilience is deciding to make yourself miserable over something that matters, or deciding to make yourself miserable over something that doesn't matter.” – Elizabeth Edwards

39. “Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it's less good than the one you had before.” – Elizabeth Edwards

40. “When it's only you that you can rely on, you're surprised at the resilience you have.” – Paul Dini

41. “Being resilient is so much easier when you’re surrounded by the right people.” – Maxime LagacĂ©

42. “There will always be obstacles and challenges that stand in your way. Building mental strength will help you develop resilience to those potential hazards so you can continue on your journey to success.” – Amy Morin

43. “A few people are born resilient. The rest of us need to work consciously at developing our abilities.” – Al Siebert

44. “The moment we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability as opposed to resilience and hard work, we will be brittle in the face of adversity.” – Joshua Waitzkin

45. “Resilience is distinct from mere survival, and more than mere endurance. Resilience is often endurance with direction.” – Eric Greitens

46. “Resilience or hardiness is the ability to adapt to new circumstances when life presents the unpredictable.” – Salvatore R. Maddi

47. “Blaming others for how bad things are for you, keeps you in a non-resilient victim state in which you do not take resiliency actions.” – Al Siebert

48. “Resilience is, of course, necessary for a warrior. But a lack of empathy isn't.” – Phil Klay

49. “Resilience has been described as the capacity for positive outcomes despite challenging or threatening circumstances.” – Byron Egeland

50. “Sleep is a key part of the requirements for resilience and good decision-making.” – James G. Stavridis

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