65 Negativity quotes that'll help change the way you think

Being negative in any situation or instance will do more harm than good. There are many negative people around. If you are one of them, it's always best to focus on the good stuff and think positively. Also, always refrain from negative thoughts and stay away from negative people. May these negative quotes give you an insight that will make you clear your head from negative thinking and make better decisions in life.

Negativity quotes that'll help change the way you think
1. “There are so many great things in life; why dwell on negativity?” – Zendaya

2. “Negative people can only infest you with discouragements when they find you around. Just get lost and be saved.” – Israelmore Ayivor

3. “No matter how valuable you are and your ideas, fools will certainly play both of you down, so exclude yourselves from the inflammatory environs of fools.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

4. “The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.” – David Icke

5. “When we are aware of our weaknesses or negative tendencies, we open the opportunity to work on them.” – Allan Lokos

6. “Negative words are powerful boomerangs so be careful what you say about people and yourself.” – Mary J. Blige

7. “It is better to dwell on the beautiful things in life than the negative.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

8. “However vast the darkness, we must supply it with our own light.” – Stanley Kubrick

9. “Negativity, in general, is one of the things that holds people back, and you have to see what's holding you back to get away from it.” – Lucy Dacus
Negativity quotes that'll help change the way you think
10. “Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” – Dr. Hans Selye

11. “It would be easy to become a victim of our circumstances and continue feeling sad, scared or angry; or instead, we could choose to deal with injustice humanely and break the chains of negative thoughts and energies, and not let ourselves sink into it.” – Erin Gruwell

12. “If you find yourself plagued by a recurrent worry, train yourself to think of something else. Your conscious mind can concentrate on only one thought at a time, and driving the negativity away will free you up to move forward again.” – Harvey Mackay

13. “There's a way that you can throw negativity out there that seems rebellious. But I've always taken pleasure in a different kind of rebellion, which is putting a positive spin on everything, trying to enjoy myself at all times.” – Zac Efron

14. “If I could teach people to be grateful, we could have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster, and children would have a smile on their face.” – Catriona Gray
Negativity quotes that'll help change the way you think
15. “I'll always use the negativity as more motivation to work even harder and become even stronger.” – Tim Tebow

16. “Don't let negativity affect your vision. A lot of people have said harsh things, but I don't let it affect me. If anything it gives me more enthusiasm and pushes me to do better in my career so I can prove them wrong.” – Nicole Polizzi

17. “If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.” – Michael Jordan

18. “When we choose to spread negativity, the bad vibes, or focus too much on spreading rumors and gossiping about the other person, it doesn’t show who that other person is but, it shows who we are to the world.” – Jyoti Patel

19. “Having the strength to tune out negativity and remain focused on what I want gives me the will and confidence to achieve my goals.” – Gisele Bundchen
Negativity quotes that'll help change the way you think
20. “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” – Mahatma Gandhi

21. “When you have a lot of stress and negativity around you, when you cut that away, you cleanse.” – Lil Jon

22. “There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict. Walk away; the battle they are fighting isn't with you, it is with themselves.” – Anonymous

23. “I think we manifest the very thing we put out. If you're putting out negativity, then you're going to retrieve that same sentiment. If you emanate joy, it comes back to you.” – Robin Wright

24. “If we give something positive to others, it will return to us. If we give negative, that negativity will be returned.” – Allu Arjun
Negativity quotes that'll help change the way you think
25. “No one can create negativity or stress within you. Only you can do that by virtue of how you process your world.” – Wayne Dyer

26. “Life is too short to spend in negativity. So I have made a conscious effort to not be where I don't want to be.” – Hugh Dillon

27. “Don’t let negative thoughts of the past or the future ruin your today.” – Avina Celeste

28. “Nobody can motivate himself in a positive direction by continually using negative words.” – John C. Maxwell

29. “I do believe in bad energy and not wanting to be around negativity.” – Kyle Richards

30. “It’s hard to let go of all that negativity, which will seriously drain your motivation, but you got to let it go.” – Oscar Auliq-Ice

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31. “People will try to pull you down, but you need to fight the negativity in your life. It's always good to stay positive and think positive.” – Vivek Oberoi

32. “Curiosity is what keeps me open to a sense of hope. It staves off negativity.” – Carrie Brownstein

33. “I feel like the bad times have fired me up: you have to turn negativity into positivity.” – Tulisa

34. “Never let the negativity get to you. There are gonna be a lot of people you have to plow through, but as long you believe in yourself, that's all that matters.” – Becky G

35. “Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power.” – Shirley MacLaine

36. “If you find yourself complaining a lot then you are problem-oriented. Focus on what you can do not on what you can’t to become solution-oriented.” – Akiroq Brost

37. “All negativity is an illusion created by the limited mind to protect and defend itself.” – Ambika Wauters

38. “Negativity doesn't pay my bills.” – Michelle Q. Chu

39. “You can't think away your self-defeating thoughts; you have to dissolve them through action.” – Marty Rubin

40. “Having a strong sense of self-discipline helps us to avoid negativity and achieve the greatness we desire.” – Amr Okasha

41. “Sensitive souls draw in the negativity of others because they are so open.” – John Gray

42. “Negativity is an addiction to the bleak shadow that lingers around every human form, and you can transfigure negativity by turning it toward the light of your soul.” – John O'Donohue

43. “Despair not. Refuse to be gloomy or negative. Don't allow challenges and situations to rob your joy. Don't allow anything or anyone to take your peace away.” – Patricia Dsouza

44. “People who project negativity typically have low self-esteem. They feel badly about themselves, and their negativity is simply a reflection of those feelings.” – Hendrie Weisinger

45. “If there's anyone who makes you feel badly about yourself or anything that's bringing you down, you don't need it in your life. Negativity begets negativity, but positivity begets positivity.” – Stephanie McMahon

46. “Negativity will kill you faster than any disease.” – Anonymous

47. “Negativity is cannibalistic. The more you feed it, the bigger and stronger it grows.” – Bobby Darnell

48. “The thing that I've learned is that there really is no joy, and nothing ever good is going to come from negativity. Those are thoughts that, even if you were presenting an honest version of yourself, there's just no point in sharing.” – Stephen Amell

49. “Negativity is the enemy of creativity.” – David Lynch

50. “A lot of people will ignore positive words when they are down and accept negative words. Those people will never get better.” – Travis J. Dahnke

51. “We have to be cautious, we can't let negativity spread like wildfire.” – Saswata Chatterjee

52. “Generosity and kindness always feel good to give, and it never feels good to give grief or negativity.” – Jason Becker

53. “Don't focus on the negativity. Focus on the positivity and the people that want you to do well; then, do it for them and for yourself. Sometimes I do things for myself. Sometimes I do things for my family. Sometimes I do things for my friends.” – Roman Reigns

54. “To all the other dreamers out there, don't ever stop or let the world's negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If you surround yourself with love and the right people, anything is possible.” – Adam Green

55. “The amount of negativity I hear on a daily basis is unbelievable. But that's the kind of stuff you have to tune out, focus, stick with your vision and keep plugging every day.” – Dana White

56. “I have no room in my life for any form of negativity or nonacceptance.” – Ricky Williams

57. “I'm the kind of person who doesn't really focus on more negativity. I'm a positive person, and I look at things in a positive way.” – Caster Semenya

58. “The world is full of a lot of fear and a lot of negativity, and a lot of judgment. I just think people need to start shifting into joy and happiness. As corny as it sounds, we need to make a shift.” – Ellen DeGeneres

59. “You don't want to have any negativity in your life. Continue to push. Continue to be patient. And when your time comes, then you've got to do everything you can, that's all.” – Stefon Diggs

60. “Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity of others.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

61. “It's difficult to look on the bright side when you're surrounded by negativity.” – Amy Morin

62. “People inspire you, or they drain you. Pick them wisely.” – Hans F. Hasen

63. “Every day, you must unlearn the ways that hold you back. You must rid yourself of negativity, so you can learn to fly.” – Leon Brown

64. “If you attach to the negative behavior of others, it brings you down to their level.” – Guru Singh

65. “Let go of negative people. They only show up to share complaints, problems, disastrous stories, fear, and judgment on others. If somebody is looking for a bin to throw all their trash into, make sure it’s not in your mind.” – Dalai Lama

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